FullSizeRenderCountless people have turned to yoga because they suffer from previous injuries, and I am no exception. While I had tried it a few times as a teenager, my yoga journey really started in 2009. At that time, I had been suffering from chronic back pain for going on three years, and I was willing to try anything to get it to go away. I found some yoga videos online and did one session a night for a week (maybe two) and BOOM! Never had back pain again! It’s like something came undone, and my back loved me for it.

I continued to practice off and on throughout the years to accompany my strength training exercise and finally decided to take yoga teacher training in order to deepen my own practice and share the wonders of yoga with others.

My yoga teacher training from Yoga Village in Arroyo Grande, California taught me how to really listen to and honor my body, my mind, and my true Self. This authenticity is what I hope to share with you.

RYT200As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, I am qualified to lead you through some amazing practices, regardless of your skill level, that allow you to connect deeply with your highest Self and work out any kinks along the way!

Other Fun Facts about Alyssa

  • I can’t do the splits.
  • I like to play dodgeball, rollerblade, and ride motorcycles.
  • I use way too many emojis when I text.
  • I have a screwed up sense of humor and a bit of a potty mouth.

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