Below is a list of upcoming classes that are available to the public.

Class Descriptions

Beach Yoga: Join us at Grover Beach, end of Grand Ave. for this all-levels, toes-in-the-sand class. Please bring a blanket, sunglasses and your sense of adventure. Weather permitting, so please call (925) 219-2749 before attending. $10 drop-in (cash only, please!).

Blend Yoga: This is a complete and balanced class which includes a series of physical postures linked together by flowing gently with the breath. There is always a focus on correct alignment, balance, stretching and relaxing. Classes are designed to help you leave feeling refreshed, strong, relaxed and renewed. Perfect for all levels; props are often used and variations offered to accommodate students at all levels.

Hatha: An intermediate to a more advanced level class, exploring asanas (postures) and linking movement with breath.

Yoga & Meditation: This is what I consider to be an all-encompassing class consisting of 55 minutes of all-levels Hatha Yoga ending with 20 minutes guided meditation (yoga nidra). For those who don’t know what yoga nidra is yet, you’ve just got to experience it!

Summer Sunset Yoga: Similar to regular beach yoga, this class offers an adventurous experience for yogis and yoginis of all levels. Unlike traditional studio or gym practice, yoga on the beach is typically done without mats, but blankets, sheets, and/or towels are highly encouraged. Practice with us alongside the setting sun and ocean waves for a great way to destress after a long day! Weather and availability permitting, so please call (925) 219-2749 before attending. $10 drop-in (cash only, please!).