Learn to deepen your yoga practice and connections with others with partnering sessions. Doing yoga with a partner invites openness, patience, communication, and balance into your relationships as well as your yoga practice.

Partnering sessions promote connection with others through the somatosensory system. In other words, it means that the physical touch involved increases the good-feeling hormones in your body, reinforces emotional connections, and reduces stress.

Some Benefits of Partnering Sessions

  • Strengthens emotional connections
  • Promotes lots of laughter (and they say that’s the best medicine)
  • Enhances communication and trust
  • Allows for greater assistance with poses through the practice of giving and taking
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Bring a friend, a spouse, a loved one, a sibling, or even a neighbor to help each other to relax physical, mental, and emotional tensions! No previous yoga experience required.

No partner? No problem! You can still get the benefits of partner yoga by practicing with me in a one-on-one private yoga session. I promise I don’t bite!