The one-on-one session allows the student to explore specific areas of interest such as alignment in asanas, injuries, philosophy, etc. More importantly, the private yoga session is a fantastic opportunity to discover yourself.

Feeling comfortable and trusting our surroundings allows anxiety, fear and lack of self confidence to disappear and major breakthroughs to occur. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, a one-on-one private session can help you work toward overcoming any fears or blockages that may be holding you back. It is tailored to fit the needs of each student, so beginners can work on the fundamentals and more experienced students can work on specific needs.

Some Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

  • Provides a sense of safety
  • Removes competitive feel common to large yoga classes
  • Individualizes practice for beginners or to accommodate specific activities or physical limitations
  • Offers opportunities to ask questions and solve problems
  • Promotes acceptance, awareness, growth, and self-confidence
  • Ability to develop home yoga or meditation practice
  • Flexible (no pun intended) with your schedule

Rather bring a friend? Take a look at partner yoga sessions or group classes to see how these offerings might benefit you!